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Just got my system blue soldered together and online. I am using ferrite rod antennas and no E-field antenna yet. Later the system will be moved to a more suitable location but as for now it is on the kitchen table.

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  1. How long did it take for you to get the system Blue after queueing up for it?
    What parts did you provide yourself except the antenna?
    How much did it cost? 🙂

    1. I waited for about six months, I was first around 1500 in queue.

      I did only provide a 5V mini-USB charger and some shielded CAT6 cable as I also did order ferrite rod antennas. The ferrite rod antennas work so good that I have not made any loop antennas yet. I was thinking to make a pair as they are easy to make but I have not came that far yet.

      It did cost about 300 euro.

      The receiver is now located in Pörtom and performing very well as there is no electric devices except the router around in 500 meters that interfere.

  2. I received my blue parts with two ferrite antennas, I noticed that each has a shorter wire with a loop tied to it, is that important for polarity or something? I was going to ignore it, but when I noticed both of the antennas had a shorter wire and the shorter wire had an loop tied in each of them it made me wonder.

    1. There is nothing to worry about the different lengths of the wires from the coils, however note that there is coating on the copper wires that needs to be removed so that the wires connects better to the terminals.

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